GENIUSES is a mobile application that connects Students with one another and Teachers, for them to engage in collaborative and interactive learning.

It contains amazing features & learning content, and is designed for daily use…from the first day of school till graduation.

GENIUSES offers senior secondary school students the chance to

  1. Connect with each other (and their teachers).
  2. Learn from quality curriculum content (Lessons, Definitions, Practice Questions etc.) on a daily basis in an interactive and social way.
  3. Share insights, ideas, problems and difficulties with their classmates, friends and teachers.
  4. Collaborate on Tasks & Homework.


The content on GENIUSES is based on the NERDC and is intended for Senior Secondary School Students. (SSS1-SSS3/10th – 12th grade)

Below is a list explaining the main features of GENIUSES.

Table of Content
  1. My Timeline
  2. My Week
  3. My Friends
  4. Answering a Question on My Week
  5. Learning from a Definition
  6. Starting a Discussion/Post
  7. Filtering by Subjects on ‘MY WEEK’
  8. Filtering by content on ‘MY WEEK’
  9. Selecting Topics you want to view
  10. Sharing Content from My Week to My Timeline
  11. Adjusting My Scheme of work
  12. Inviting someone to join GENIUSES
  13. Searching for other people on GENIUSES
  14. Changing the subjects you offer
  15. Editing Your Profile
  16. Moving to the Next Week
  17. Taking a Test/Exam
  18. Navigation Menu
  19. Commenting on a Post
  20. Liking a Post on My Timeline
  21. Learning From an Explanation to a Question
  22. Notifications – Friend Requests and Messages
  23. The Leaderboard
  24. Deleting a Post
  25. Sending a Message to another User
  26. Searching for Content

1.  My Timeline

MY TIMELINE is where you can post content to (questions, definitions etc.), start discussions, comment on posts and share ideas, homework and tasks.

2.  My Week

MY WEEK is a Feed that serves you content (questions, definitions etc) on a weekly basis, based on the National Curriculum, in sync with what you are currently doing at school.

On MY WEEK, you can change the type of content you’re consuming, change the subject you’re viewing, filter the topics you want to view and adjust your scheme of work.

You can share  content with your friends from MY WEEK to MY TIMELINE by tapping on the ‘Ask Friends’ button.

3.  My Friends

MY FRIENDS is the part of the App where your friends are listed. On GENIUSES, your friends can be your classmates, teenagers you know from other schools, or your teachers.

4.  Answering a Question on ‘MY WEEK’

One of the ways you can interact with and learn from content on GENIUSES is to answer questions across several subjects you offer on MY WEEK.

You have two attempts at each question after which you get a chance to view the answer then read & learn from the explanation.

Points are awarded for getting questions correctly…5 points on a first attempt and 3 points on a second attempt.

5.  Learning from a Definition

Definitions are bite-sized pieces of educational content that you can read and learn from in seconds. They define/explain major concepts/principles across all the subjects you offer.

You can view Definitions on MY WEEK and share with your friends by tapping the ‘Ask Friends’ button.

6.  Starting a Discussion/Post

To start a discussion or create a post, tap the blue post icon (called a FAB) on the lower right part of your phone, write whatever message you want to share with friends and hit the ‘post’ button.

7.  Filtering by subjects on ‘MY WEEK’

On MY WEEK, you can change the subject you are currently viewing by tapping on the Subject drop-down menu which pops up a dialogue. Tapping on a subject makes it the current subject you’re viewing.

8.  Filtering by content type (e.g Questions, Definitions…)

To change the type of content you’re consuming, tap on the Content drop-down menu.

This pops up a dialogue containing the content types (Questions, Definitions, Lessons etc) – tapping on a content type sets it to the current content type you’re consuming.

9.  Selecting topics you want to view

To select the topics you want to get content on, tap on the Topics button on MY WEEK

You can filter the topics under the current subject by selecting the check-boxes in front of each topic.

10.  Sharing content with your friends from ‘MY WEEK’ to ‘MY TIMELINE’

To share content with friends from MY WEEK to MY TIMELINE, tap on the ‘Ask Friends’ button; you can also add a comment to the piece of content you’re sharing.

11.  Adjusting your scheme of work

To adjust your scheme of work, tap on the ‘WEEK’ button on MY WEEK and you will be taking to the interface shown above, you can also get here by going to settings and tapping ‘My Scheme of Work’ button. Once you get here you can adjust your scheme of work for any subject.

By default, Topics are divided into weeks as designed by the New National Curriculum – many schools however roll-out schemes of work in different ways from the National Curriculum.

Consequently, we created an easy and flexible way for students to change the default order/structure to fit the schemes of work rolled out by the teachers in their schools. This allows students to interact with and learn from content on GENIUSES at the pace they’re being taught at school.

12.  Inviting someone to GENIUSES

To invite a friend to GENIUSES, simply go to the MY FRIENDS Tab and tap on the ‘Invite a Friend to join GENIUSES’.

13. Searching for users on GENIUSES

To find other users on GENIUSES, Tap the blue search icon on the bottom right side of your screen then enter the name of the person or their school and hit submit.

14. Changing the subjects you offer.

To change the subjects you offer, go to Settings on the right Navigation Menu.

Tap the ‘My Subjects’ option – this takes you to an interface where you can change the subjects you offer.

15. Editing your profile

You can access your profile by tapping the avatar on your left navigation menu; this takes you to your profile which you can edit/update by tapping the green edit icon as shown above. 

16. Moving to the next week on ‘MY WEEK’

Every Weekend, GENIUSES asks you if you are ready to move to a new week and moves you to the new week if you choose to do so;

However if you want to jump to the next week for whatever reason (e.g.  you were not moved to the new week or you want to study ahead), you can do so by going to Settings  and tapping the ‘Move to the next week’ option.

17. Taking a Test/Exam (SSCE, UTME or a School Exam/Term test)

To take a Test or Mock Exam, tap the ‘Take a Test’ button on the left Navigation Menu.

This section of GENIUSES is an Exam Preparatory Module that offers you the chance to prepare for terminal exams like SSCE, UTME etc and school tests/exams. You can customize your test/exam by choosing the subject you want to test yourself on, the number of questions you want to offer, the duration of the exam  etc.

You can also post questions from your test/exam session to MY TIMELINE for your friends and teachers to see.

18. Navigation Menu

The Left Navigation Menu is accessible from the home screen by clicking the navigation icon at the top left part of your screen

19. Commenting on a Post

You can comment on a Question Post, Definition Post or a Friend’s Post by tapping the comment icon on each content or discussion post.

20. Liking a Post on MY TIMELINE

Liking a content or discussion post indicates that you find it helpful or insightful; You can do this by tapping the like icon on the post.

21.Learning from an Explanation to a Question Post

Each Question Post on MY WEEK and MY TIMELINE comes with an explanation that is designed to help you learn and stir you to read more.

You can view an explanation by tapping the ‘View Answer and Explanation’ button on the content post.

22. Notifications (Friend Requests,  Getting tagged by a Friend etc)

Notifications can be accessed  from the notifications icon on the Top bar of the app.

You get notifications when a user sends you a friend request, a friend tags you in a post, or you receive a message from a friend.

23. The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard shows users on GENIUSES and the number of points they have amassed.

Points can be won in several ways – by answering questions on MY WEEK (your weekly content feed), MY TIMELINE , by taking a test, or by inviting people to join GENIUSES.

24. Deleting a Post

To Delete a Post on MY TIMELINE, tap the menu on the top right side of a post and tap ‘Delete’.


25. Sending a Message to a User

To send a Direct Message to a User, tap the message icon on the User’s profile summary .

26. Searching for Content

The Content Search feature serves 2 purposes; First, it lets users search for any type of content (Definitions, Questions, Images etc) and either share the content with friends and teachers or save it for future reference.

Second, it serves as a way for students to revise what they have been taught by searching out particular pieces of content.