Q. What exactly is GENIUSES?

A. GENIUSES is a mobile educational application designed to connect students with each other and teachers, for them to learn in an interactive and collaborative way. It is intended for Senior Secondary School students as a daily study app that connects them with their classmates,friends and teachers, offers them quality curriculum content (Lessons, Definitions, Practice questions etc.) to learn from and lets them share ideas & collaborate on tasks and homework.


Q. What are the benefits of GENIUSES to me as a (senior secondary school) student?

A. GENIUSES is your daily study buddy. It is that educational app that you’ll look forward to using everyday after school; Why? because its everything you love and need in one app – It connects you with your friends and classmates (like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram) and offers you a world of quality content and exciting features all from your smartphone.

With GENIUSES you’ll be able to

1. Study and Revise all you have been taught in school at your own pace

2. Practice what you have learned with your classmates & teachers in a social way.

3. Get help with difficult topics & concepts from your classmates & teachers

4. Share ideas and collaborate on tasks and homework with your classmates and friends.

…and all this from your smartphone, for FREE. GENIUSES is like having your classroom on your phone, plus lots more.


Q. How is GENIUSES different from all the other educational applications out there?


1. GENIUSES is like ‘Facebook for Learning’. It connects students with each other & teachers, and offers them amazing educational content (and features) to learn from in a social and collaborative way.

2. GENIUSES is designed to be your daily study buddy from the first day of school till graduation, rather than an app you use for 2 months to prepare for exams.

3. GENIUSES was built to help you Learn effectively and then ace your exams as a consequence of learning effectively;  GENIUSES will help you to excel (get 85 and above) rather than Pass (get anything above 50) because we believe that if you learn properly and truly understand what you’ve learned, you will excel in your exams with a little preparation.

4. We believe that the best way to learn is by collaborating and being part of a small learning community – that’s why GENIUSES offers a lot of features that let students interact, share, collaborate and learn from each other and their teachers.


Q. What will it cost me as a student to use GENIUSES?

A. GENIUSES is free and always will be. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop and an internet connection (data plan).


Q. Is GENIUSES only available on Android?

A. For now GENIUSES is only available on Android ( via Google Playstore) but we will be releasing an iOS version and a Web version later this year.


Q. What benefits does GENIUSES offer Teachers

A. We will be launching GENIUSES for Teachers in a few months – and when its available to Teachers it will offer them the following features & benefits

1. Teachers will be able to create lesson notes, tasks and homework for their students all from their mobile phones – this will make Teachers  more productive as they can now  focus on teaching students when they are in class, rather than spending 30 minutes out of a 40-minute class writing notes.

2. GENIUSES will also give Teachers a way to always be one-app-click away from their students by connecting them with their students to offer help with difficulties in an interactive and collaborative way.